my 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This year I have been active in blogging. And here are my top 10 Influential Blog List

Ganda Ever So Much (GESM) - this is a "talk show" Blog of the Gandaness ORMAN MANANSALA. He talks about anything and everything openly sharing informative and useful tips in life, hilarious situations, events of Gensan's Festivals and his opinions in showbiz and politics. He is my idol in blogging, business and event organizing. I even patterned my new blog from his use of "much" thus, kikaymuch was born.

Get Prettified - a fashion and beauty blog by BRENDEL BALAGA. She is my long lost sister I can be myself with her and share my "kakikayan" and I also learn a lot from her. I learn a lot of beauty and fashion things in this blog which helps me a lot in my own blog. She is one of my inspiration and she also pushed me to do a fashion and beauty blog. Thus, was born because she knew that "kakikayan" is in my nature.

Plurk Designs - from the guru LYLE SANTOS. He is my big brother in the blogging world. He patiently helps me in all my technical problems. As a plurk addict this blog helps me change and choose plurk themes in a breeze. He also makes plurk designs that tickles my addiction, The Twilight Saga.

Ako si Rabsky - a very intuitive blog about RABSKY VILLANUEVA's opinions, occurrence, and adventures as a I.T. student.

Alexis Chua - a personal blog of a very intelligent debater, tech savvy, and well opinionated the apple of Orman's eyes ALEXIS CHUA.

A Thousand Ships - a photo blog from Gensan Gazer owner and author ARMANDO NICOLAS. In this blog he shares photos which he took from his countless travels in all 5 continents with his very own life reflection with each photo.

A Scientist in the Kitchen - a food blog of a scientist and corn breeder GAY CARILLO. In this blog she shares her love for cooking and a step by step cooking process.

Kusina Maria - a very delicious blog from "the" RIA JOSE. A multi talented beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and everything in between blogger and columnist. One of my inspiration and mentor in my blogging career.

SCT Online Magazine - a South Cotabato Online News Magazine by Nanardxz Navarro.

Kikay Much - the blog of yours truly. My fashion and beauty blog where I share my knowledge in the beauty industry where I'm part of since I'm a Salon and Spa owner. I also share make-up tips and my adventures in becoming a make-up artist.

For more information about this emerging influential blogs check out Janet Toral's Guidelined HERE.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ate Donna! Gee. :))

orman said...

donz you are my number one fashionista! your including me in your list just made me reach nirvana! hehehehe! thanks gang!

Lyle said...

Thank you for including my blog, Donna!

bariles said...


Dalawang blogs na lang ang kulang! Go for the complete 10 kikay girl!

Go! Go! Go!

Brendel said...

Don, thank you very much! I love what you wrote.

Pao said...

Hi MS. Donna,

I noticed that your list is not yet complete so I’ll take this opportunity to plug my tiny blue-blog – . A blog of a 17 year old free spirited guy with a different perspective and point of views in life.

I hope you’ll consider it to be on your list. It would be my honor if my blog will be one of your nominees. Thanks and Godspeed!

Envy Me Salon said...

your welcome everyone!!! :) love lots to all of you!! :)

Envy Me Salon said...

@pao hi pao i'm so sorry i've completed my list already... i like your blog :)

rabsky said...

thanks ate dons! mwaah! :)))