MFAT (Mindanao Food Appreciation Tour) 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The first ever Mindanao Food Appreciation Tour and Soccksargen Summer Safari gathered bloggers from Cagayan de Oro, Davao and Socksargen Area (Gensan & Kidapawan). I am a newbie in the blogosphere so for me this was the biggest gathering I saw and attended.

CDO Bloggers travelled 6 hours to Davao namely: Chiq, Mike, Richard, Edward, Robstroy, Eldie, Elva and Venus.

They had their hefty lunch at Ranchero Grill and met with the Davao Bloggers who is also joining the BIG event. Davao bloggers who came along were: Lyle Santos, Brendel Balaga, Ria Jose, Miah Laborte, George Kevin Paquet, Faust Principe and Dulce Lada.

(photo by Lyle Santos)

(photo by Chiq Montes)

Ranchero offers a wide variety of seafoods and steaks which the bloggers surely enjoyed. (kahit wala ako doon alam ko sarap na sarap sila kitang kita naman sa mga blog post nila, just click their names)

After that sumptuous lunch they headed for the 3 hour ride to Gensan where a series of events and food establishment awaits them thanks to the well organized efforts of Avel Manansala, Orman Manansala.

Their first stop was the ICE CASTLE EXPERIENCE owned by Mr. Rey Billena. Where they freshened up in the luxurious and cozy rooms. By the way the hotel is not yet open to the public.

Then a game of pool, appetizer and refreshments at the Pacman Sports Bar owned by no less than Jinky and Manny Pacquiao.

Then a full blast filipino food fair from LE JARDIN ARNEVELS they offer EAT ALL YOU CAN and catering services. They were greeted by the owner ate Nitz.

(photo by Lyle Santos)

(photo by Chiq Montes)

So you think after this dinner the bloggers already called it a night?? NAH!!! because a GRAND EYEBALL awaits them.

Gensan Bloggers patiently waited for the Davao and Cdo Bloggers at PIYESTA KTV & RESTOBAR. Some only know each other by their PLURK names. The early birds shyly introduced themselves as they arrived one by one. And then finally they arrived. WOHHHOOOO PIYESTA was full packed at their arrival. There were like more than 40 of us there. Laughter filled the room. Voices echoing. Imagine put 40 plus bloggers in one room? it is a chaotic, fun filled story telling and techie exchanging time plus plus photo ops.

We served the bloggers our new drinks the Jell-O SYRINGE shot, Gayuma Bucket (in test tubes) and ang Gayuma shot (in graduated cylinder) our Rhum Tea (which some of them thought it was just ice tea, hehehehe)

We also treated them to our best seller foods our KURA-STICK (chili stuffed with ground beef wrapped in lumpia wrapper) Tuna-Buntot, Tuna Cheese Rolls and Sizzling TUNGOL. And thank you to MAYOR PEDRO ACHARON for yet another LECHON.

The next day an early start for our adventure day. Breakfast at Dolores Farm Resort at Polomolok. Native Hot Chocolate, Bangus and Crispy Tilapia. After the quick breakfast we toured around their mini zoo where we found a very horny monkey (hehehehehehe).

(photo by Chiq Montes)

(photo by Lyle Santos)

The group headed for Lake Sebu for the thrilling 7 falls zipline.

(photo by Chiq Montes)

Flocks of other tourist was there already at the time we arrived. We opt to have our lunch first at Punta Isla Resort. Thank you to Zion Travels by Francis Sablon.

A snack followed there after at Merl Garden Resort. After lunch some cdo bloggers went back to experience the seven falls zipline and some proceeded to Merl Garden. They also have a zipline there.

After the thrilling experience we proceeded to Koronadal for coffee and refreshments at SA BALAI BISTRO. They served us Mulberry Tea, Coffee and Pandan Shake.

To Finish this epic Mindanao Foor Appreciation Tour and Socksargen Summer Safari a delicious dinner THE RED TENT style is just perfect. Thank you to the efforts of Sir Gilbert Tan for this one.

For pa "baon" thank you to Kakanin owned by Chito Bogayong.

For the rest of the story of how much fun we had watch the video made by GOMA.


orman said...

wala ka nang blog na utang! yahoo!!!

Faust said...

it was great having you as host at piyesta... unfortunately i haven't got a taste of sashimi.. anyways the food is overly great...

Envy Me Salon said...

@orman heheheh yey sa wakas wala na hehehehehe

@faust thank you we love feeding you hehehehehe :) sarap mo and ninyo pakainin… kasi you give TRUE reviews and never hesitate in giving suggestions for us to imporve..