KALILANGAN: Lakan at Lakambini 2009

Thursday, March 11, 2010

(Photo by: Orman Manansala)

Kalilangan Festival will not be complete without choosing the Lakan and Lakambini.

(Ryan Reyes and Shane Lara LLK 2009, Photo by Chattee Lara)

I went to Gaisano to witness the event. Every year I'm looking forward for this pageant. I'm always looking forward for the gowns and the production numbers of the candidates. And indeed I was not dismayed, the modern filipiniana gowns designed by Johnny Abad, the President of Filipino Designers Association of the Philippines are epic. I can see the judges reactions when they saw the gowns and I think they want one also. (okey, okey i want one also hehehehe)

(photo by: OMAR GALLINERO)

(photo by: OMAR GALLINERO)

Maureen Paulo and Jenel Labiana were 1st runners up and Dave Barbero and Sarashvati Sarkar bagged 2nd runner up.

(Caroline Lim Lakambini 2010 photo by OMAR GALLINERO)

And a new twist in showing of the candidates curves not with bikinis but with a PLAY SUITS a very interesting and colorful twist I may say. The shows choreography as expected was superb with sir Dino Veloso directing it.

(photo by: OMAR GALLINERO)

A close fight but in the end the wit, poise and intelligence of Caroline Lim and Gervic Romero bagged them the title of Lakan at Lakambini 2010.

(photo by: Orman Manansala)

(photo by: OMAR GALLINERO)

Mario Valentino and Romarie Cunana were the Masters of Ceremony.

(photo by: OMAR GALLINERO)

I had the chance to meet new blogger friends Ria Jose, Chattee Lara, Angel Abella and Dulce Lada . Lyle Santos and Brendel Balaga was tasked to judge the pageant.

(new friends Ria Jose, Chattee Lara and the master Leonard Pe)

One thing I love when ganda ever so much, Orman Manansala organize an event is that it's not boring. And every year their is always something new and exciting.

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Chattee said...

Great post! Keem 'em coming!

I had a grand time in GenSan with you. Until our next dinner/coffee bonding... :)

Envy Me Salon said...

@chattee thank you!!! had a blast!!! can't wait to be back and have dinner/coffee with you!!! :) be sure to be in gensan for tuna fest ayt???

Ria Jose said...

Yey! :)

It was very fortunate we met. :)

Envy Me Salon said...

@ria yup a fortunate event hahahahaha im really really glad we've met!!! :) wiiiiii!!! hugs xoxo!!!!