Gensan View Reosrt

Thursday, January 28, 2010

(panoramic view photo by kyaw)

(top view)

A new place to go out with the whole family to take a dip, have a picnic or just relax and smell fresh air. A perfect place to get away from the city stress with less than 10 minutes away from Robinsons Place Gensan.

(wide parking space)

Gensan View Resort is conveniently located at Nursery Road (after Sussana Homes) Lagao Gen. Santos City. You will never get lost because from the National Highway the road going to Davao a sign board is already there.

Entrance fee is at P50 pesos per person only for both children and adults. Small Huts are at P200 and Big Huts are at P300 only. Their huts are also well thought of there is a designated place on top where in you can put your bags therefore will not be seated in the tables or chairs. And also they have a space where in you can put your wet towels to dry it off.

If your in a very small group like a group of 4 they have a pavilion 100sq meter big you can rent out a table for just P100 with 4 chairs.

(the pavilion)

(common washing area)

They have a common area for grilling. Bringing of food is allowed. Beverages is at a very minimal corkage. But if I were you do not bring soft drinks because they selling it there at a very affordable convenience store type price.

(common grilling area)

A very important amenity that I always look for in every resort is there comfort rooms. And I was amazed to find that their comfort rooms are very clean, convenient and has a spa feeling. This is always my deciding factor whether to dip in or not and with this comfort room I will definitely dive into the pool right away.

(comfortable comfort rooms)

(shower area)

But before diving into the pool you must take a shower first.

(outside shower modelled by LITO ANTOQUE)

The owners are pushing in educating swimmers of the right swim wear. Bathing suits for the ladies, Trunks for men or short & shirt without button or zipper.

This is very important because their pool is equipped with filtration system and salt chlorinator. This means that they are not using the typical chemical chlorine other pools use. The salt chlorinator converts salt to chlorine therefore the water will not irritate your eyes unlike other pools.

They have a large adult pool with slide and fountain and a kiddie pool with slide and umbrella shower. Your children and you will really love it here.

It is owned by the very accommodating couple Mr. & Mrs. Joel Santos.

(bloggers interview with the owners)

Their family is also into Tuna Processing and the catfish you see at KCC Supermarket aquarium all came from their catfish and tilapia farm.


(Lito modeling how to fish)

The catfish & tilapia farm are still there that's why the resort also offers boating & fishing. Fishing no fee, but if you caught something it is 95/ kilo and you can have it cooked for you. Their boating for kids is just P50/boat/hour good for 2-3 kids.

Do they offer night swimming? NO, it is because they offer the place for private parties at night from 5pm to 11pm (if maghangyo) up to 12mn. If so you can bring a long with you your videoke sets etc. You can have the whole place at P5,000 pesos only.

If you have a party in the morning or afternoon you can rent out the whole pavilion for P1,600 half pavilion at P800, but you will not have the whole place on your own.

For more information contact their manager, Lester at 0915-6474354 or 302-8237.

A lot of future plans are in store for this place by the owners I'm definitely going back soon.

(junior bloggers in one line meeting the owners)

(teleserye shoot GENSAN BLOGGERS photo by: kyaw)

The day will not be complete without our jump shoot. Superb photo by Kyawster.


Cidy said...

Nice shots and post =)

lito antoque said...

very well presented!nice post!im sure the owner is happy to read this.and the photos are great esp the pics na ako ang model ,hahaha!

Frances Baja said...

bilis ng post! haha. nice1 te dons. :))

Gay said...

Very informative! Makes me want to go there when I get home.

Envy Me Salon said...

@cindy thank you go for dmc-lx3!!! hehehe excited to see your post as well…
@lito oo galing mo talaga mag model… hopefully the owners will like my post…
@frances thank you thank you!!!! :)
@gay yeah punta tayo pag uwi mo…

Patrice said...

thanks a gazillion. our cousin emailed your link to me and she's from california. fabulous. hope you do comeback and try the pool.

Envy Me Salon said...

@patrice your welcome po mam a lot of my friends ask already and some already checked the place out… i'm definitely going back with family or friends… thank you for the very warm hospitality…

Jes said...

Natutuwa talaga ako sa jump shot natin! :D

Envy Me Salon said...

@jes hehehehehehe ako din galing ng shoot love the background colors… sunset...