Cafe Amoree & Gensan Mapping with Bloggers

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is a long over due post thank you sir Avel for reminding me. (hehehehehe) Avel Manansala the author of Gensan's famous blog Gensan New Online Mag invited me to Cafe Amoree for our very first Gensan Mapping Activity.

This is also the first blogger activity that my boyfriend, Emman decided to tag along. And indeed he had a great time that it made him decide to blog also.

It was a very nice, cozy, modern designed and clean place. It's a perfect place to meet and talk with your business partners or just chill and enjoy their wide variety of coffee and non coffee selections.

I love the way they present their coffee blends in a high ball and very slick designed glass.

They also have a function room and restaurant.

It was a very FUN and INFORMATIVE day for us all. Mikko is very patient in answering all our questions and was a very great teacher. He really knows what he is doing or teaching us.

Basically what we did is that we located establishments here in our city and tagged them so that travelers can benefit by locating the places they need to go to here in our city. We also edited wrong names streets and establishments that are no longer there or has transferred. I found the activity very enjoyable it is like playing a game. After that mapping I was very keen in looking at stores and there locations. (hehehehehehe)

The Wifi connection of Cafe Amoree is great we were like 20 people each with his or her own laptop but still the connection was fast.

CAFE AMOREE a new place to have coffee.
Located at Dacera Commercial Complex along Mabuhay Road.
Owned by Ricky and Tess Almanzor
Contact them at 554-2173 and look for the Manager Maryvil Araniego.
(for all this information and PHOTOS credits to Orman Manansala's Ganda Ever So Much)


lito antoque said...

very nice place with modern design...indeed ideal for coffee break!