MYMP and Nathan of BAMBOO at PIYESTA!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

February 25, 2010 MYMP dined at PIYESTA. They were in town for the grand finals of Acoustic Band Competition of Gaisano Mall Gensan. This was a great opportunity to market Piyesta and get to meet celebrities.

MYMP is one of my acoustic band favorites but so sad that Juris left and decided to go solo. But Juliet on the other hand is also a great singer and a very gracious.

I joined them for dinner and they treated me as if we already know each other. Chin loved our "crispy tuna buntot." I made them my taste testers for our new dishes. We got 4 thumbs up and Chin said, serve mo na ito!! ang sarap. He loved all our food. I told him, and sarap mong pakainin Chin we just laughed.

It was an amazing experience for me to get to know famous artist that i really idolized.

It was just like old friends having dinner and chit chatting.

I got them to sign our wall.

The next day February 26, 2010 Bamboo Band was in town. They were also scheduled to dine at Piyesta. Sadly it was just Nathan their bassist who showed up. The rest of the band were dead tired from the series of concerts they had. But hey one is better than nothing right??

It was just a quick very late dinner.

I also got Nathan to sign our wall too.


Lawstude said...

that was great dona mae. best of luck to piyesta.

Cidy said...

Wow! nagpiPiyesta pala kayo dyan sa sobrang dami ng food nung nandito ang MYMP. BONGA!=) Never ko pa na try ang crispy tuna buntot. How much?

Envy Me Salon said...

@cidy yup nag piyesta kami nung nandito sila!!! :) new yan sya naga pa layout pa ako ng upadated menu 180 lang ata ung crisoy buntot namin na large…

@lawstude thank you!!! :) pag balik nyo ng gensan kita tayo sa piyesta!!! tuna festival punta kayo…