THE FARM (photo journalism workshop & socckssargen x-mas party)

Monday, December 28, 2009

(Photo by RIC a.k.a KYAWSTER)

December 21, 2009 Photo Journalism Seminar and Socsksargen Bloggers X-mas Party.
The Photo Journalism Seminar was conducted by no less than the guru JOJIE ALCANTARA. She is a multi talented Davaoena. A photographer, artist, journalist, tv celebrity, a mom, a wife and many more. We were very honored by her presence and her willingness to impart her knowledge to us.

(photo by HECKY)

The workshop and x-mas party was made possible by: AVEL MANANSALA, ORMAN MANANSALA and for the place sir GILERT TAN.

(Photo by ME using my SONY Phone G900)

(photo by HECKY)

It was my first time to go to THE FARM. It was a very cozy, homey and relaxing place. Just like going to our farm (not the farm in facebook ha!) I remembered the time i went to EDEN Nature Park in Davao it was that same feeling the feeling of being one with nature but in a very comfortable way.

(photo by ME using my Sony Phone G900)

It was not just a day of learning for me but also a day of knowing new bloggers and plurkers thus adding my list of FRIENDS. yey!!

(The Socckssargen Bloggers, photo by HECKY)

The workshop was also a memorable day for me because it was the first time I loosen up and was not shy to pose for the camera. I was so lucky I brought my bubble gun I showed it around and when JOJIE saw it she said, "I'll take a photo of you later ha!!" WOOOHHHOOOO!!!! hurray for me instant photo opportunity by no less than the JOJIE ALCANTARA herself!!!! o yeah oh yeah... (i was so glad i didn't have enough sleep that time 'coz that means i was in my HYPER MODE sa bisaya pa BAGA NAWONG MODE hehehehe) i also met JOYCE MARISCAL and her partner BOGS SAN JUAN who also toke a photo of me.

(model daw kuno ko, Photo by JOYCE MARISCAL)

(photo by Joyce Mariscal)

After our delicious lunch sponsored by THE FARM we were given an hour to take photos of the place and put into action what we've learned from the workshop. And later that afternoon JOJIE made us choose our top 5 pictures which will be scrutinized by the "madlang people" (hehehehehehe) and to my surprise one of my photo was recognized by them and I won a shirt. yehey!!! This made me rekindle my love for photography.

(my winning PHOTO thank you sir ORMAN for lending me your LX3)

(photo by HECKY)

If you happen to be in Koronadal try dropping by THE FARM it's located along CARPENTER HILL it's just along the highway. Great food, close to nature and friendly staff.