Plurk Fiesta at ENVY ME SALON

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bariles having Facial @ Envy ME

baby back ribs (photo by ME)

kinilaw (photo by Me)

Vegie Salad (photo by ME)

Plurkers & Bloggers (mahiyain??) photo by ME

(Gilbert, Lito & Chic) photo by ME

Ayel (photo by Bariles)

Jassmine, Bariles, Samara & Lito (photo from Bariles)

Bariles, Gilbert, Me, Chic & Leonard a.k.a SMIGOL :) (photo from Bariles)

dinner table (photo by Bariles)

View from soon to be TAAZ BAR (photo by Bariles)

Last March 16, 2009 a “Plurk Fiesta” was done at Envy Me Salon & Spa, Pioneer Avenue General Santos City. All the plukers and bloggers of Gensan had an exclusive 50% discount on ALL services. Bariles and Marz had a relaxing Facial. Tammy had her hair colored. Chic had a hair treatment. Gilbert and Ayel tried our foot spa services. Rammyboi, Tanchi, Jessamin, Samara, Leonard, Roxanne (my best friend) and Me all chatted at one corner with chips on our hands. They taught me how to edit my blog template. Lito was also there, he tried our pedicure service and Lotie had a hair cut.

After their salon experience and pampering we all went upstairs to the rooftop of the building for our dinner which was prepared by Eman, my boyfriend. We had a bountiful meal the menus were: sugbang panga and kinilaw (thanks to chic for the fish), steak na “baboy damo,” baby back ribs, vegetable salad. After eating we chat a little while and I shared to them my plans on opening a bar at the place. They suggested things which are very much helpful for me who am just starting a small business. I had a very nice time with them and I’m looking forward for our next get together.

I was busy chatting with fellow bloggers that i forgot to take pictures inside the Salon (hehehehe *chismosa* man gud). Picture taken during dinner only.


shengmarie said...

Donna naman, nagulat ako sa pic, si Sir Avel having facial, tapos pagkain agad, akala ko naman kasama sa foods yung face ni kuya avel, hahaha

Envy Me Salon said...

@shengmarie tnx sa comment wow kaw ang very first!!! un nga eh sobrahan chismis wala na naka picture picture hehehe sa kaon na lang dayon will do better next time... :)

Samara said...

@sheng: korek!! parang pagkain din ulo ni sir Avel!! haha, specially inihanda para kay Smigol (at Maria Labo) bwahhahahah~

@Ms Dawn: congrats sa bago mong blog. Personal blog to noh? heheh.. Etc etc etc nga~

Envy Me Salon said...

@samara thank you yup yup yup personal blog my venue to post anything, everything, non sense and sensible topics hehehe etc.etc.etc. i really like saying it again etc. etc. etc. hehehehe

Frances said...

looks like you guys have much fun. :)

Envy Me Salon said...

@frances yah we had a blast